Release 0.8

REEF, Tang and Wake version 0.8 are on their way to maven central. As always, this release contains general improvements and bug fixes, but also a few nice new features:

The detailed release notes can be found in the GitHub issue trackes: Tang, Wake, REEF.

Release 0.7

It is the 21st of August and as for the last couple of months, this means that there is a new REEF release. Given that we have recently been accepted into the Apache Incubator, this is one of if not the last release before we transition development into the Apache infrastructure. And it is a good one:

We found and fixed that last issue when scaling our tests to the 1000 Evaluator mark, which is a new record for REEF applications.

The release is making its way to Maven Central as I am writing this. More detailed changes can be found in the milestones on GitHub (​REEF 0.7, Tang 0.7, Wake 0.7)